Jaskaran Anand (Linz, Austria): Hibernating Further (documentation) / In-between Privacy

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  • watch: 30th March 2020 at 6pm UTC
  • watch: 31st March 2020 at 8pm UTC
  • duration: 45 min / 45 min

Jaskaran Anand (Linz, Austria): Hibernating Further (documentation) / In-between Privacy
Jaskaran Anand (Linz, Austria): Hibernating Further (documentation) / In-between Privacy

Hibernating Further (watch: 30th March 2020 at 6pm UTC)


The behaviour of plastic, by definition in Oxford dictionary, is to form and deform. Taking the definition of plastic in the broader sense, the performance while addressing the current climate issue brings focus on the plasticity in the human mind and psychology: how different fragments of information shape the human mind and the human psychology. Jaskaran stresses on the need to be aware of our own actions and thoughts, meanwhile keeping attention towards the representations in the world that have the power to influence our thoughts &actions.He suggests that while we are finding a solution to the “problem of plastic”, we also need to focus on finding a solution to direct the unnecessary information entering our mind.With this project he also brings attention towards divide and rule political strategy via the concepts of capitalism, media consumption, racism& political power models

IN-BETWEEN PRIVACY ( watch: 31st March 2020 at 8pm UTC)

Idea/ An interactive performance to foster openness in the society to have an awareness&reflection upon the idea of personal space and the view on how important the “body” is, especially in the ongoing crisis due to Corona Virus?

First phase of the project(45 minutes) A performer going live from his bedroom and kitchen. 15 minute recorded dialogue with a friend on the topic “How important the understanding of our own body is in our daily human life?” Followed by a 20 minutes interactive performance where the audience can play or suggest their favourite music according the scenario via the live streaming which will overlay on the present visual situation taking place: 10 minutes in the bedroom and 10 minutes in the kitchen It is then followed by joining the performer in the chatroom : https://stream.lilimit.com/talkaboutinbetweenprivacy where the spectators can interact with the performer on the topic and have a 10-15 minutes discussion on the topic.

Description/ The audience is welcomed to join via live stream to join the performer who is improvising on the idea of body memories in this current changing situation. He is improvising on how his body feels in this situation!What his body is used to? How can he move in his home? Running between the past experiences of his self in the present scenario he questions whether all is this any more private?

BIO: Jaskaran Anand(1992) is a performance maker,performer/dancer and a pedagogue, born in New Delhi, India and is based in Linz, Austria since 2015. He completed his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Delhi, India, and obtained a second degree in Dance Performance & Pedagogy from Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria. Currently,he is pursuing a Masters in Interface Cultures from the Art University of Linz. His research is invested in deconstructing various borders,fascinated by the nature of spirituality, the psychological understanding of the self and socio-political questions of the world & their interrelations. In his interdisciplinary works, he uses various artistic media, always focusing on the human body, which reflects the above-mentioned themes. ARTIST’S WEBSITE