22 JAN 2021 2:30pm UTC “Nosotros en el cuerpo” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 30min

“Nosotros en el cuerpo” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas

Our focus is, to be able to manifest all kinds of expression, emotions; without taking into account the material limitation thus developing a sensory combination using our body as an instrument of these sensations. The stimulus to all this is based on a sound / rhythmic variation, thus reaching a bodily timbral unification.

We have absorbed differences landscapes, cultural clues and atmospheric flux. This has given us the impulse to create a new system of feeling engaging the moment —-the field and /to transform it We have mirrored and been mirrored 1000 times 1000 years here I am here you are here we are This power is humbly expressed through sound, dance, movement, voice You become the spectator of your emotional atmospheric body with us in trance to change towards your desires in a conscious way

Lucas —-sound


Nadja —-movement