13 MAY 2021 9:30am UTC “The pack” by Ogha Collective (Thambuththegama, LK) dur 10min

“The pack” by Ogha Collective

In Sri Lanka, as well as in the rest of the world, the environment is being massively destroyed. The world\’s forest cover is declining rapidly, severely affecting the natural ecosystem All systems have broken down and human beings have been subjected to various disasters. Hence in order to raise the public awareness, we as Ogha Collective presents \”The pack\”

Participants Kithsiri Sampath Anjana Indrajith Madurangana Gayan Ravishka Dilshan Yasiru Helaruwan Dehan Kadushana Dimuthu Kawinthaka Priyadarshani Jayasingha Sudeera Shilantha Ishara Indrajith Manoj Lakshitha