26 MAR 2021 12am UTC “Hodiernidade | e na anfibologia do Agora” by Flávio Rodrigues (Porto, PT) dur 5min

“Hodiernidade | e na anfibologia do Agora” by Flávio Rodrigues

“Hodiernidade | e na anfibologia do Agora” is a long-term and experimental project. It uses performance, installation, sculpture, drawing and photography as supports. For this project, circular figures and circumferences (as a concept, aesthetics, poetics and territory) are the chore basis during the creative process. I aim to induce the body in error / camouflage / and / or critical limit states, mapping of memory / time / history, as well as explore plasticities of a raw, organic, crude nature or from recollection / recycling processes.

Flávio Rodrigues (VNGaia, 1984), since 2006 develops his own artistic creation projects. Drawing, Performance Arts, creation/manipulation of objects, sound, movement and sculpture are some of the supports he recurs to, aiming to induce the body/work though error/camouflage/abstract and poetic states, as well as explore the plasticities of raw, organic and/or crude nature, usually gathered from processes of recollection/splatter. The walk has been emerging as meritorious process basis.