27 FEB 2021 12am UTC “FEVER DREAM: A RETURN PERFORMANCE RITUAL” by Scout (New York, USA) dur 65min


What is my fever dream? Did I just wake up? The newly generated performance work examines the socialized self and how in acquaintance with its past pain body, slight awakening occurs. Fever Dream utilizes my past self through various forms and mediums including tapes of my Santa Monica Acting Class from 2004/2005 (where my mental processing/sexuality/gender identity was beginning to bud but remained silent inside my body), Peggy Lee\’s Is That All There Is? (sung to me by my grandfather at a very young age-acting as a prophecy of my life to come and my dependency on drugs and alcohol to forget the trauma of the past) and other major moments of evolution. Fever Dream incorporates these past ‘interactions’ through augmentation of my own self within a drag persona (via lip syncs to these past mediums and myself as a material-home videos etc.) In these ‘interactions’, there is something almost Artuadian, there is a working out of or exorcising out the secrets and lies that have kept me captive for so long. A repeating of past experiences that have held an indiscernible amount of traumatic weight in my past self. There is a great sense of cruelty when reacquainting oneself to past traumas and combining that with larger than life performance of self, a true cathartic act can take place. This process I believe can only be fully supported through durational movement that requires great endurance and would bring me to a new state of enlightenment, healing, and understanding. Lots of Sweat and intense exhaustion.

SCOUT is a Queer, Non-Binary thought provoker challenging our preconceptions of self and the world around us. Scout’s recent work includes FEVER DREAM: A RETURN PERFORMANCE RITUAL, Bars by Pravin Wilkins (Carnegie Mellon University), Extra Ultra by Kate Conde Hamilton (City Theatre) Slaychella (LaGuardia Performing Arts Center), The Rise and Fall of Countess LuAnn DeLesseps (The Clemente Center), Next Faggot Nation (Dixon Place/HERE Arts Center/Bushwick Starr), Ivan’s Widow by Tenessee Williams (The Duo Multiculutral Arts Center), In the Depths of Lava; An ode to Richard Foreman (The Glove) and Kaspar by Peter Handke (The Sibiu International Theater Festival). In addition to creating their own work, Scout facilitates developmental processes of new work with a multitude of playwrights. Scout also served as Line Producer curating a new work series entitled The Rough Draft Festival at The LaGuardia Performing Arts Center. Scout assisted directors Lileana Blain-Cruz, Saheem Ali and Will Davis on a variety of projects. Scout is an alum of The Pace School of Performing Arts (BA in Directing/International Performance Ensemble) and of The Lincoln Center Directors Lab (2017). MFA candidate John Wells Directing Fellowship Carnegie Mellon University.