Gloria Damijan (Vienna, Austria): How To Repair Myself

  • 27 Mar 2021 8pm UTC
  • dur 15min

About the struggle and the treasure of being an artist in lockdown. About sound and colour. About questioning yourself and your value for the society.

Gloria Damijan Piano/Toy Piano/Berimbau Studied piano and music pedagogy at Music University Vienna. There first contact with contemporary music and free improvisation. Workshops with with Manon-Lìu Winter, Burkhard Stangl, Franz Hautzinger and Ian Pace. Cooperations with Stefan Fraunberger, Vinzenz Schwab, Klaus Filip, Arnold \’Noid\’ Haberl, Christine Schörkhuber, Ye Hui. Working together with composers Tamara Friebel, Margareta Ferek-Petric, Veronika Mayer, Matthias Kranebitter Concerts in Vienna, Graz, Innbruck, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisboa, Porto, Oslo, Hamburg … Part of the Viennese Improvisers-Network snim ( Recordings published with -ctrl (CD \’25.11\’;, – lsd (CD \’tripping\’, LP \’Dehypnotisarion\’; -ÖNCZskequist (CD \’ÖNCZskequist) -Rumor (CD \’Rumor\’) -Eschata (EP \’Eschata @ smallforms-sessions\’) Actually constantly active with -the duo-project Eschata ( -with the interdisciplinary project CallOurShifts