ADA Art Community (Ankara, Turkey): Paperwork

  • 30 Jul 2022 9 pm UTC
  • dur 15 min

“paperwork” was created in November 2021 for “karma” project of ADA Art Community. ADA Art Community is basically a student community which has member contemporary dance students. I was the community leader that time and we decided to create our own project. During the creation process 8 different works have been created. paperwork was one of my four creations. About paperwork, i first started to questioning function of a newspaper. Why and how do we use it in our daily life? I figured it out there is a lot of function and usage then its original function, such as, cleaning windows, protection of a glass, carrying bag, cover things etc. A newspaper, it has knowledge and purpose on it, such as different genre of news, job announcements and some entertainment pages inside (puzzles, crosswords). Also as a paper it has its own structure and texture. That structure creates an image and the paper can make specified sound. Then i wanted to bring them all and create a piece about it.

I was born in Ankara. I started to dance in 2014 by taking Street Dance classes. I got accepted from Ankara University State Conservatory Modern Dance Bachelor’s program in 2018. I’ve worked with many local and foreign choreographer/instructors from many different techniques and discipline. I’ve been in local contests and festivals, I had degrees. I created my own solos and crew pieces and put them on stage. I continue to develop my vision by dealing with different art fields and disciplines. ARTIST’S WEBSITE