Aliakbar Khodashenas (Iran): Standing Wite Pride

  • Apr 2022 5 pm UTC
  • dur 25 min

Proudly standing performance, designed and directed by Aliakbar Khodashenas From IRAN , for the first time for the Festival of Support for the Ukrainian People in the form of an online festival at the invitation of Ukrainian Culture and Art and a Ukrainian Institute for Global Solidarity in Art, inviting 20 world-renowned artists Produced from 20 countries on April 2 – 3 2022 / This performance by Iranian artists and with a new design by Dr. Aliakbar Khodashenas with an anti-war theme and confrontation with the aggressor, with unity, empathy and struggle, the aggressor can be defeated Iranian artists, given that they have experienced the greatest contemporary war, are well acquainted with war and aggression. He brings the struggle and creating divisions between countries to the stage because of the ambitions of dictatorial people This theater and performance, without words and only the use of music and movement and image that can be understood by all ages and from any culture and language / A beautiful theater using good technology and actors and a great idea that is worth seeing many times Has

Resume Aliakbar khodashenas is short and very summarized Year 1988 Author and director and stranger theater actor at the National Educational Festival Year 1988 to 1992 Art of Organization of Islamic propaganda and member of the Group of Malek ashtar Theater Year 1990 Actor Showing forty overnight in the first period of the Surah Festival as actor / receipt of acting cum on the festival Year 1991 Ajax viewer in mim Group Theater and several short views Year 1991 Author and director of my flower show in education and projection Year 1993 Voice and Doll Burning Dolls Lee Li Li Hozak Year 1993 Sound and Doll Dolls Dolls Dolls and Other Show Year of 1992 to 1993 Assistant Director Showing the Garden of Cherry / Wishing Year 1992 to 1994 speakers and sounds on Radio Khorasan Program of Khorasan Year 1992 critic of theater and correspondent of Khorasan newspaper Year 1991 Establishment of the Ghasedak Group and received a written license directing theater from the Mashhad Performing Arts Association Year 1992 to 1994 Director of the author and actor over 28 Television theater in Khorasan TV Year 1994 to 1998 members of the Parvaz Theater Group (Tehran) Actor several shows Year 1999 Voice Actor Blinds at the Fajr International Theater Festival Year 1999 Return to Radio / Speaker of Good Evening Program in Khorasan Radio Year 2000, the official representative of Iranian culture and art in Kazakhstan Year 1995 to 2001 Medical Medical Supplies Manufacturing Company (a major managerial job, along with small artwork and this time only studying art and writing more than 20 plays) Year 2001 to 2004, teaching in the Kazakhestan Performance Academy Year 2006 correspondent and agent and …. The shahr ara Year 2005 to 2007 Radio Khorasan Razavi Year 2008 representative of Kazakhstan at the video Music Award American Hoolywood USA Year2008 to 20015 studying several universities simultaneously in the form of presence in accounting and management / Directer Theater and Directet Year 2017 Director Movement Designer / Scene Designer / Designer of movements poster designer / and the actor of displaying sanctuary on the Pardis of Mashhad Theater SANAN 1 Year 2018 University INT of Course DBA Director in UK Year 2018 University of WTG Ph.D. in the European Union Theater Branch Georgia Year 2018 Author and Director and Actress of TOOKA Show in the Cultural Study / Designer Year 2018 Expert and art critic in artistic assemblies and presenting many articles in the press Year 2019 Conversion of Ghasedak Theater Group to the Institute of Performing Arts Year 2019 Writer and Director Showing a TIKE NOON Year 2019 Author and director showing the RED LIN Year 2019 Writer/ director of EZDEVAJ MOBARAK show in the traditional form of Javad Efaafi Year 2019 Director Advisor MEHRNAMEH to show at Tehran\’s traditional and traditional shows festivals Tablet Cum Best Know and Shahnameh Khani Year 2019 Invitation and attending Olympiad theater ,dance and demonstration of India Show of SANAN 1 preformanc Director and designer Year 2019 Tutor of Theater at the Actor Theater School Year 2019 Authors (Showing the dawn) at midnight at the Persian Gulf festival The proudness of the best author Year 2019 attend the third Turkmenistan theater festival and received a special prize and a proud diploma directed for showing the sanctuary For the best festival show SANAN 2 Theater Year 2000 special guest and referee of the International Theater Festival of the World Theater Universities in the Czech Republic Theater Year 2020 International South African Theater Festival 2020 / Showing (SANAN 1) Year 2021 International French South African International Festival / Show Shared Festival Year 2021 International Film Festival of India Author and director of MY MOON movie /selected and Earning the honor of the selected Best film of the Indian short film festival the main competition selected Year 2021International Local Dance Festival of Turkey / Ankara Year 2021 with the support of the UNESCO Organization and the World Theater Organization ITI / Show of SANAN 1 Tbilisi Georgia city Year 2021 International Dhaka International Film Festival (Cine Making) Author and director of my moon movie / attend the main competition section Year 2021 presence in the 21 st International Theater Festival of Serbian with two views in the selected section sep 2021 SANAN 1 preformanc and Jocasta shows Year 2021 End filming semi-long crowds in autumn writer and director Year 2021 International Rels International Film Festival, receiving the honor of earning the best festival movie Year 2021 International Festival Festival FestPro Russia Short Movie Year 2021 International Short Film Festival (Dubai) short film Year 2021 International Carthage Theater Festival in Tunisia / Author and Director Showing SANAN 3 , attending the international competition department with the presence of sharareh rokham Year 2021 International Film Festival of EDFF Received the Glory and Statue of the Festival for the best international film MY MOON Year 2022 International Film Festival and India IDEAL Receive Honor and Statue of the Festival for the best silent film (no word ) MYMOON Year 2022 Invitation to the great African voice festival (music, form and movement) Kampala as a special guest Year 2022 Received a Certificate of Appreciation and Certificate of World Peace, Human Rights Defenders, Environment from the World Peace Institute Year 2022 The construction of the CROWS story and participation in several major international festivals in world Year 2022 Award winner of the Best Foreign Film Festival of the Buchali University of Italy for the Fiction of (COWS) Year 2022 Invited to the Perfestry Festival online for solidarity with the people of Ukraine as one of the 20 selected artists in the world with theater and perfemen (STANDING WITE PRUDE) Introduction Summary: World Health Organization Source Dr. Aliakbar Khodashenas , IRAN Writer and theater director / filmmaker / performance designer / graphic artist / stage designer, lighting and theatrical movements / theater teacher and art researcher and theorist / independent artist / from IRAN Holds a PhD in Theater Directing from Georgia / DBA Certificate in Directing from the UK / Cultural and Artistic Activist / Journalist, Researcher and Art Critic / Holds several prestigious international awards / Member of the ITI International Theater Organization / International Theater Instructor / Judge / with more than 33 years of experience in cultural and artistic activities in Iran and the world / History of participation in international festivals: India, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, South Africa, Czech Republic, Finland, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Algeria, USA, Bangladesh, UAE Arabic, Singapore, Russia, Tunisia and mor Filmmaker / Honorary Member of the Berlin Film Festival / Honorary Member of the Film Festival of the University of Perugia, Italy / Writer and Artistic Director of more than 28 films and TV theaters / Winner of the CIF International Film Festival Award for Best Silent Film / IDEAL International / and several other awards for the short film \”My Moon\” / Receiving a special award for the best short film for the feature film \”Crows\” from the Grand Festival of the University of Perugia, Italy / and receiving several prestigious international awards for filmmaking and more The first Iranian artist to receive the commendation of the \”World Peace Organization\” for his efforts for world peace and human rights, etc. / Honorary member of several world cultural and artistic festivals and events; Including Ukraine, Czech Republic, Malaysia, World Health Organization and mor Director and Founder of ghasedak International Art Group The history of this famous Iranian artist can be seen on many sites. 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