alireza amin mozafari (Tabriz/Iran): quarantine

  • watch: 30th March 2020 at 10pm UTC
  • duration: 20 min

Statements: In the world we live in, we have different perceptions of different concepts such as freedom. Some events may change man\’s viewpoints. The epidemic illness that has plagued the world today with the name of Coronavirus and has caused many people to be in a home quarantine is one of the things that purgation social behaviour and habits, as well as a better understanding of different concepts. In Iran and many other dissenting nations , those who take a different view of the rule of politics and society, are to become as house arrest in order to disconnect from society. In these days we are inevitably in a home quarantine, have a better understanding of this state of affairs and the situation of those who have been home imprisoned. Quarantine Performance is a tribute to all other opponents to the system Implementation Plan: The performance will be streamed online in a gallery and the performer will form a performance from his home and room. The performer will be sitting in his room behind the desk and there is a fan on the table that blows directly to his face. The performer begins reading texts in praise of civil liberty The performer puts colourless nylon gloves on his mouth and eyes the wind sticks them to the performer face. It is as if a person with invisible hands makes the performer unable to see and speak. He will tolerate the gloves as long as the performer is able to breathe. Then he will start reading the text again in praise of civil liberty and again the gloves will be put on his mouth and eyes.

BIO: alireza amin mozafari 1985/iran performance artist installition artist