Anastasia Polychronidou (Thessaloniki, Greece): The Body_Public

  • 26 Sept 2021 4pm UTC
  • dur 5min

The Body_Public is ground on the experience of live embodied practice and exploration of the public body in common areas. The project follows a site-based methodology using choreographic scores based on actions of presence, movement, and attendance. Every score varies, depending on different acts, and the public (participants) is welcome to perform the actions collectively. 

With choreographic scores, I implement a format of an artistic/research coupling and conjure up a choreographic site practice and reflections on the body in various conceptual gestures and walking patterns in public locations. 

The scores are physical actions based on typical patterns of group proxemic behaviour, flow composition, and gestures. Each score encourages involvement in choreographic actions. The participants are invited to cooperative activities to create walking shapes in the everyday public space, reflect on and explore the new state of distance, intimacy, and the sense of belonging between individuals and society. 

The Body_Public performative walk sparks interest in collective matters and specific social issues. As follows, the (public) body becomes something more than a physical invention, a site for representation and reference. The Body_Public uses a mobile methodology and encourages a community in the relationship of bodies to one another.

BIO: My name is Anastasia Polychronidou (1991) and I live and work between the Netherlands and Greece. I studied Drama at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a specialization in Dramaturgy and Performance Theory. I continued my studies at Utrecht University, where I earned a master’s degree in Contemporary Theatre, Dance, and Dramaturgy. I work with dancers and choreographers as a dramaturgy consultant in Greece and abroad. My research interests lie in urban politics theory, site-specific methodologies, mobility, feminism, social theories, and politics of care. Alongside, I have advanced knowledge in keeping projects moving, collaborative thinking, facilitating events, developing autonomous practices, and tracking what a project to come is/wants/needs. Additionally, I give lectures at conferences and participate in dramaturgy courses and contemporary dance classes.