Annika Sonja Havlicek (Granada, Spain): Tepp-ICH

  • 21 Dec 2021 5pm UTC
  • dur 7min

Tepp-ICH evolves around the idea of emotional dependency, a self- destructive force that when shed a light on has the power to transform a life. Tepp-Ich is a reflection on our coping mechanisms and inherent healing powers which are often in the smallest details that want to catch our attention. Tepp-ICH is a word that plays with Teppich =rug and Ich=I, a journey back into my childhood when the soft touch of an oriental rug was a promise of comfort and protection.

BIO: She has trained performance with Martin David Zambrano, Horacio Macuacua, Hisako Horikawa,… Since 2015 she has performed in the pieces by Horacio Macuacua: Migrations to paradise, Convoy, Birds don\’t just fly and UN baile. Among other creations, she has created and performed the piece It’s not about you! with Ivelice Brown and Abandonar no és fácil with Rosa Maria Herrador at 321 Festival Antananarivo. As a teacher, performer and creator her intention is to integrate the impulses of life ito her work. ARTIST’S WEBSITE