Arin Lynn (Salt Lake City, USA): a 2010 love song

  • 28 Mar 2021 12pm UTC
  • dur 5min

A glance how objects and references create a distinct idea of a person while also blurring into chaos as we look closer and closer. performed by Tori Meyer created by Arin Lynn sound by Metric and Arin Lynn

BIO: Arin Lynn is a dance artist and multimedia artist currently based in Salt Lake City, UT. While achieving their BFA in modern dance performance and the University of Utah, they have performed in Performing Dance Company with choreographers Jackie Lopez, Anna Azrieli, Daniel Clifton, and Omar Carrum. They have also presented work at Salt Lake City Queer Spectra Arts Festival 2019 and Salty Showcase 2021. Their most current projects have been “TV Dinners on the Farm\” with choreographer Nora Lang and “It’s a Magic Show!” with director Tori Meyer. Arin is currently confused why they care so much about things while their whole shtick is about not taking ourselves and art so seriously.