Artemisia Vulgaris (Athens, Greece): Spells for love

  • watch: 30th June 2020 at 1 pm UTC
  • duration: 15 min *POSTPONED

In a time of such uncertainty, what do you fear the most? For this year\’s edition of the online performance art festival, Artemisia is asking you to communicate your fears, while she offers rituals and readings for banishing and releasing. The absence of predetermined outcomes overwhelms us with intensities, and Artemisia is offering you ways to move within and beyond the unbearable. She can guide you in a space where the moonlight, the waves and the pink sky are the initiators, and the folk spells and rituals are the protectors.

BIO: Artemisia started reading the tarot when she was studying Fine Arts in Athens. Instead of being in the studio, she was sitting in the school\’s cafe, talking to strangers and listening to their secrets. Currently, she lives in Rotterdam where she also studies Art, while providing her fellow students with tips and guidance in order to cope with their needs and desires. ARTIST’S WEBSITE