Artist Khiri Lee (Boulder, USA): River

  • watch: 1st April 2020 at 7pm UTC
  • duration: 45 min

Inspired by a studio practice with Creativity Alive in Boulder, CO, River is an exploration of the intersection of mixed media art, improvisational sound, and dance. The score has three approximately 15 minute parts performed by solo artist Khiri Lee Part One – Discovery. Dancing upon a stage of painted papers in shades of blue. Contacting the sound impacted by the encounter of a dancing body in space. A whispering creek. Part Two – Transmutation. The stage of papers is dismantled. Torn, Ripped, and Shredded into a new form. The noise of rapids. Part Three – Alchemy. The shreds of paper come back together with glue and tape into the form of the River. A settling into the change. Making beauty out of deconstruction. The flowing stream.

BIO: Artwitch and Creatrix Khiri Lee strives to fill the world with something beautiful and meaningful. Being an artist and witch is a sacred calling to activate people\’s imagination, to communicate new stories into the world that serve our shifting communities, and to invoke a brighter future for us all. Khiri Lee\’s work is steeped in sacred, ritual, and performance art practices. Using mixed media and movement, she is inspired to work with myths and deities that are archetypically relevant to our modern lives. Each piece is infused with intention. Each piece is a building block in a new mythos, chipping away at the old paradigm and creating a unique mythology. The result is a personal language of color, texture, rhythm, and beauty reflected in mixed media paintings, installation & performance art, dancing, and zines. Online @magick_socks. ARTIST’S WEBSITE