Company TiNaNiNaNi (Schermerhorn, The Netherlands): SORROW

  • watch: 30th June 2020 at 5pm UTC
  • duration: 36 min

Four independent universes come together; image, text, dance and music. A solo dance and a story. The echo from one mirror to the other, even more these merge together and mutually reinforce them to form a closer whole. The dance is expressive and self-esteem. The story is based on the book of Marguerite Duras, De vice-consul. Loneliness, surviving and fight for the right to exist. Dance: Kamee Frieling Tekst: Ari Peterse

BIO: Dance-Mime-Theatre group TiNaNiNaNi was founded in 1997 by Ari Peterse. Ari studied mime at Academy for Mime (mime corporel, Etienne Decroux) and physical theatre in Amsterdam. TiNaNiNaNi is a collective company: an association of emancipated dance-mime- and physical actors. TiNaNiNaNI works as a collective. That means that all activities, from administration to technology and from dramaturgy to drama, are done by the members themselves. TiNaNiNaNi is known for their sharp, witty and personal performances with an (apparently) apolitical message, averse to all theater codes and conventions, and in which form and content cannot be separated. Wonderfully philosophical comedies that see no paradox in that. With the finger on the pulse of the times, and always endeavoring to present to man a mirror image that is at the same time sharply observant and deeply empathetic. ARTIST’S WEBSITE