Fung Neo & Nadia Skin (London, UK): Cannibal Skin

  • watch: 29th March 2020 at 10pm UTC
  • duration: 11 min

Cannibal Skin is a power play act by Nadia & NeoFung. It metaphorises obsessive moves on the surface of the body of the other – confusing choked urges to enter it at the same time as incorporate. The act involves Fung’s shibari roping as well as peeling of Nadia’s leather & latex fabricated tissue ~ Dark sonic aura played live by Trojanovskx

BIO: Nadia Skin is latex /leather wear maker and shibari performer from London. Nadia cannibalises on her shed body. She peals layers of her skin and shapes custom eugenic tissues ~ Neo Fung is a philosopher of biotech, body performer & video artist working between HongKong & London for the past decade. Since 2015 he has been curating Chronic Illness performance art events at his squatted The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan, at the same time researching Fungi Media for the University of London. ARTIST’S WEBSITE