Hexxyduxxybox (India): Every shadow having own specification with million tonality

  • watch: 25th October 2020 at 11 am UTC
  • duration: 70 min

Where there is light, there is shadow,�A world bosom,�approach full moon and wane with the flow of moments,�Like move to and fro in the open sea.�Each a beauty in it’s own,�Do not explore a world of light without shadows!�Attempt if you wish but you will not stumble on, it.�When you love the light in a mortal/individual,�You also love the shadow in it,�Like a full moon,�It’s beauty will demonstrate in the darkness of the night,�and beautiful soft shadows thus formed by it’s golden light.The shadows are vacant souls that roam this land of drift,,Forgiveness, a motivation and acknowledgement is all they demand,They stay hidden in the dark cocoon of your beautiful mind,Only to make their unforgettable appearance and corrupt it over time.

Artists: 1 Prashat Jha India / 2 NAVJOT SINGH SANDHU India / 3 NICOLAS P. ACA JR Philippines / 4 Satadru sovan India / 5 Craphone Liu (Craphone) Taiwan / 6 Reyad S M Bangaladash / 7 Umash Nayak India / 8 Yusuf Durodola Nigeria

BIO: “HEXXYDUXXY BOX” is a collective and a catalyst assembly for head-to-head, interactions, collaborations and creative talk, with the spirit of a gathering and community in a metro-city, in which ways of friction create new narratives and forms of creative assertions as well as performative actions. It is an expanding way in ‘behavioral’ art practice. Multiple ways are emerging through scraping and the excoriating process between complex realities of gender and sexuality in modern South Asia, especially at the intersection of culture and religion where groups of people, encounter different ideologies, artistic expressions and visual arts practices. For example, friction may give way to differ through a struggle between the dominant forms of human communication and the understanding of alternative art forms.  However, now Covid-19 and the time of pandemic, we as artists stand out by planning a webinar performance platform where artists are featured in their enduring creative strength under restrictions and protective mental health conditions. The event planning processes are experienced with a variety of virtual formats, material handling and a variety of perceptive ways. We are happy and love to invite artists to do their performance work under the banner of HEXXYDUXXY BOX and prepare the attention at arranged times for discussions and presentations via known social media channels. Founder & Director Satadru Sovan Banduri