ImprovFreedom (Vienna Austria): From outside in to inside out

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Meeting ID: 794 7350 0654
Passcode: 59P0i

  • 25 Sept 2021 5pm UTC
  • dur 30min

Whether it’s an inspiring quasi-tune or a commitment to play music from the heart of the pyjama, free improv embraces no traditions while establishing a few of its own. In the time that the global online troupe ImprovFreedom has been together as a melange of acoustic, electric, movement, visual artists, and performers, it has captured the spirit of the Lockdown-Hausschuhe-style online event experience in free improvisation with super sophistication and fostered a novel performance approach to roll out some truly wild sounds and moves. You are warmly invited to participate as a performer or audience member for your next online recreation, enlightenment, SoDi party, reception or function.

BIO: The time line that leads to why ImprovFreedom is vital to all creative people: 2019: SARS-CoV-2 (formally known as Covid19) turned our lives inside out. What was private is public and what was assumed is scrutinised. The live-music scene went into a deep coma. Online opportunities opened up the way we communicate and meet other people. 2020: It is with perseverance and continued necessity to make music with other fine musicians as well as share my consummate knowledge that ImprovFreedom was developed. Designed for beginners, inquisitive learners, seasoned professionals desiring change, these powerful, experimental sessions have more than meets the eyes, ears, mouth, heart, and mind. 2021: Time to recalibrate and celebrate. This is a drop-in weekly session for those interested in participating in the realm of free improvisation. Delve into new and remixed sounds, sights, movements, words, and ideas.  ARTIST’S WEBSITE