Johanna Yukiko Haneda (Los Angeles, USA): Million Breath Voice Diary

  • 18 Jun 2021 6am UTC
  • dur 14min

Million Breath_Voice Diary My self-therapy routine. How do I know my true desire, wounds, or what triggers?  Using your own breath and voice,  without words, leads you to a mental breakthrough that reconciles inner self and outer self. Sharing my voice to exchange energy with you.

BIO: Singer, performer, and culture creator. Debut as a recording artist in 1988 from Sony Records. Worked with an all-star creative team including producer David Foster, Paul Anka, and more. Established her own vocal style with Zen Reiki healing property. “ A Million Breath” focuses on self-discovery through own breath and voice. As known as Yukiko Haneda. Born in Tokyo Japan, relocated to Los Angeles California USA in 2011. ARTIST’S WEBSITE