Jorge Koubbe aKa Joko: (New York City, USA): “Beyond the Divine” As seen by MC YOUNKER

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 10pm UTC
  • duration: 30min

Emotions sort of come through, unexpectedly, most individuals aren’t even keen on letting them get manifested. That day, one thing brought me to the other. A crystal glass showed how imperfectly perfect we are. We’ll find the truth, in little opened wounds, where ourselves got to feel vanished, intensely reflected with hope of not letting go what we have been, but with initiative to take-on with radical changes ask us all to humble ourselves in the process of re-connecting, to keep connected, we must be able disconnect completely. The only way to avoid the fear, is likely to erase and rewind our memories.

in memory of National *Latinx AIDS* Awareness Day – *October 15*. Coordinated by the *Latino* Commission on *AIDS* , National *Latinx AIDS* Awareness Day (NLAAD) is observed each year on *October 15* to increase awareness of the impact of *HIV* on the Hispanic/*Latino* population in the United States.