Koprow&Preßmar (Mainz, Germany): x Schritte (original)/ x steps

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 4pm UTC
  • duration: 40min

When does time pass by extremely slowly? When extremely quickly? Although it always passes the same way – one hour, 60 minutes, 3600 seconds – not a single day goes by at the same pace as the one before it. \”x Schritte\” is an experiment. The goal of this work was to contemplate, to analyse and to experiment with the differences and the mode of action of film and performance art as well as to put them up against each other. A performance, a short movie and an installation with the title x Schritte originated from it. Together with Davida Brown we put common forms of presentation of the media film on stage and vice versa. We dealt with the topic of time as a link to connect the media film and performance. Which possibilities of the depiction of time are reserved for film, which for the stage? How can the absolute presence which evolves from the corporeality of the performers be transferred to a movie? With our project we want to open up a space for free associations by creating absurd situations and playing with atmosphere.

BIO: Laura-Marie Preßmar, Davida Brown and Michelle Koprow all studied Theater Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University at Mainz, Germany. The production “x Schritte” has been their first independent performance project, financed by a scolarship of the “Film + Medien Nachwuchsförderung Rheinland-Pfalz”. After that production, Laura-Marie Preßmar and Michelle Koprow founded the performance collective “Koprow&Preßmar” which is currently working in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Their new lecture performance “Taxischein in Regelstudienzeit” is financed by the culture department of the city of Frankfurt and will premiere in the beginning of 2021 at Landungsbrücken, Frankfurt. ARTIST’S WEBSITE