KTW (Berlin, Germany): L- and

A close up faraway landscapes turns into the performer\’s body. 3D to 2D on-camera work zooming into the 7th Dimension.

  • watch: 23rd October 2020 at 6pm UTC
  • duration: 5min

BIO: Keike Twisselmann, MFA – Belfast – Berlin – existing since 1967, performance art since 1989, motorbike racing as performance since 2005 works in performance and painting since 1989. studied Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast (Master of Arts) and Philosophy, Politics, Law and English Literature at Hannover & Hagen Universities founding member of Catalyst Arts, Belfast exhibits world-wide lives and works in Berlin since 2000 member of Bbeyond, Belfast artist statement on „life vs performance art“ To create art is like running an engine: air = inspiration, petrol = fragments of life/flux which are chosen by the artist as “objects of wisdom and desire” and choosing a fragment of life to use as an “object of wisdom and desire” to be transformed into art, the performance artist acts like a “LICHTMASCHINE” (“light machine” = generator) to create the sparks, energy, electricity – this requires skill, experience and the utmost of concentration…like compressing a piece of coal into a diamond…the electricity is generated BY the artist as the “alchemist” and Licht-maschine. The spark comes from the artist as „Lichtmaschine“ (= „machine that creates light“) – the skill is keeping the right balance to fuel the compression of the engine just right and tune it for performance (!) When a specific social concern grows more into an all-encompassing global concern, it may be less visible and poignant in a performance – becomes a diluted egalitarianism.