LENEAS Teatro (Buenos Aires, Argentina): BREATHE

  • 20 Dec 2020 11am UTC
  • dur 7min

RESPIRA is a creation that will include poems, sounds, bodies on stage and slide show by artist Aldo Tambellini. The clothes will be simple so that the actors are “transparent” while they move around the stage and play with these luminescences. Aldo created an original set of handmade slides (lumagrams) that will be projected on a screen from a projector. All these slides will be accompanied by the story of his poems and a musical band produced especially for the atmosphere that both the slides and the poems generate. The actors will use the black space and the light area to develop movements inside and outside the light. Fabrics will also be used to create new images simulating new planes and a three-dimensional space. This production will be framed in the category known as Integrated Arts or Expanded Media, since in this case dance more slides, more poems, more sound, more costumes will be integrated into the theater scene. Both the rapporteur, the actors, as well as lighting and sound technicians will be immersed in their own trance of acting and deep dance, so that each movement that takes place on the stage passes directly through their bodies, thus generating a fantastic reaction-action with messages underlying inspired by the poetry of Alfo Tambellini.

BIO: The independent theater group “LENEAS” was born in 2007 in Argentina with the aim of being able to work on staging classic theatrical shows, as well as unconventional ones based on the investigation and integration of the combined arts. The will and commitment of the actors that make it up made that in these years the following works could be staged and made an extensive tour of different theaters of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Province, receiving several invitations to participate in various festivals. He carried out the following works: “CAMARALENTA” de Tato Pavlovsky, “EL SEÑOR GALÍNDEZ” de Tato Pavlovsky, “LA FAMILIA FERNANDES” de Hugo Midón, Teatro x Docentes para Niños , “UNA MAÑANA DE DOMINGO” de Natalia Franzoso , “VERONA” de Claudia Piñeyro, “LABORUM” de Raúl Kersenbaum , “CITA A CIEGAS\” de Mario Diament , “CRIMINAL” de Javier Daulte , “DERRAME” de Susana Torres Molina, “PAREJAS” de Susana Lastreto , “RETAZOS” de Fernanda Petit, “SE CASA MAMÁ” de Romina Moretto, “PIEDRAS DE TROPIEZO” de Horacio Vogelfang, “UNA TRAGEDIA CONTEMPORÁNEA” de César Repetto, “MARCAS” de Leneas Compañía de Teatro, “VACÍOS” de Fernanda Petit, “RESPIRA” video arte basado en poemas y lumagramas de Aldo Tambelli The plays have been performed in Argentina, Chile, Barcelona, ​​Boston and Brooklyn.