Lim Zeharn (Singapore): Off the Face of the Earth

  • 9 Apr 2022 1 pm UTC
  • dur 8 min

Off the Face of the Earth is a record of my attempt at self-erasure. Standing in front of a fixed camera with a singular light source at night, I walked backwards to gradually lose illumination until my central figure completely fades into the background. This calculated set-up and distancing achieves a physical illusion of disappearance, leaving us a dark horizon of nothingness. The act of vanishing, with its mediation between utter irrationality and suicide, aptly captures my desire to escape from our increasingly alien world.

Lim Zeharn (b. 1999) is a Singaporean artist whose works range from designed objects to kinetic sculptures and video performances. He employs wit and absurdity to respond to familiar conditions of modern living such as mundanity, exhaustion, and passivity. Zeharn is a graduate of the School of the Arts Singapore and is due to complete his bachelor’s studies in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts in May 2022. He has been featured in group exhibitions and festivals internationally including, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, London, and Singapore. For his work, Zeharn was named a finalist in the IMPART Awards 2019. ARTIST’S WEBSITE