Mariana Barros (Lisbon, Portugal): Virtuose

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 6pm UTC
  • duration: 30min

(virtualization of experience, virtual symbiosis between two organisms / software of different species, the same organism that produces and contemplates another that visually transmits and interferes). Virtuose is a solo performance produced during this period of social suspension and consists of a live performance in the form of a \”live\”. Create in real time an artistic content that uses virtual backgrounds as the main resource, which allows interactions with the virtual environment, an image processing technique whose objective is to eliminate the background of an image to isolate the artist\’s body or objects of interest that later are combined with another background image and vice versa. The virtual backgrounds are visual works by the artist, dynamics between performance photos and artistic collages and sound collages. This performance was performed at the Festival Emergency Imminent in April 2020

BIO: She crosses the aspects of art in production of performatic expositive works. Searches the kitsch language, thinks the movement as image production, it works expansion of expressive body presence, like maximum artistic. She is placed in flow of the physical/intellectual dialogue for the release of the body from conventions that arrest any artistic language. She dips in experiences, in combination of subjectivities, in interpersonal relations encounter and the transit of arts. She has a repertoire with more than 25 performances, developed since 2009, in various festivals and galleries, bienals around Latin America and Europe. ARTIST’S WEBSITE