Maya Takeda (London, United Kingdom): See yourself ~Who I am~

  • 28 Mar 2021 1am UTC
  • dur 5min

In this work, I inspired by lines and focused on invisible lines (but I used both lines like visible lines and invisible lines). Also, I treat invisible lines such as Time line, Difference, Relationship, and Connection. What I want to convey most through this work is to see the invisible lines through the visible lines. In other words, through this work, I wanted to create an opportunity for people to realize that the more invisible it is, the more indispensable it is. Developed countries, including the United Kingdom and my home country, are full of conveniences right now. Therefore, I am afraid that we tend to forget about the essential things. In my case, I used to try to think like “I have to adapt this country”, “I should forget my country, because I’m in London right now, here is not Japan”. While trying to adapt in this country, I could gradually understand the UK culture, people, behavior. However, during spending in London, I realized that I do not need to adapt this country completely and I am able to keep my country’s mind. It means, my friends and teachers in the UK made me that I can be proud of my personality. Moreover, I realized that not only everything that is visible is important, but that something that is invisible is more essential. Through above my experiences, I express the process of finding various lines and knowing what is essential things in this work. And then, I would be very glad if this work gave you an opportunity to reconsider yourself.

BIO: Since graduating from Japan Women’s College of Physical Education with Bachelor in Movement Science (Dance), Maya has worked with a range of choreographers and dance companies in Japan. As well as performing, Maya choreographed her dance pieces in Tokyo and Nagoya. Recently she is studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and collaborating with MFA choreography Project by Daniela Delerci as a dancer from 2019. ARTIST’S WEBSITE