opaf10_Michelle Baharier

Michelle Baharier (London, United Kingdom): A walk with Dyslixic Rant from the Mad house to the power house
  • duration: 60 min
  • watch: 8th December 2018 at 3 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A psychogeography walk with Yellow Ribbons round the trees and stories from @dyslxicRant doing a Largctyal Shuffle Largactyl Shuffle, from the Mad house to power house, from the Mausdely hospital to Tate Modern’ About Largctyal used predominantly by inmates and prisoners to discribe “Thorazine Shuffle”. Describes the unusual movements and walk attributed to the effects of the chemical sedative Thorazine. The term is now used and referenced to by some mental health charities and support groups. That guys got the Largactyl Shuffle!

#largactyl shuffle thorazine gait walk mental health sedative sedation

though this walk about taking in the loss of life and recovery by prescription.

BIO: I am a practicing Artist went to the Slade in 1985-87…I am DYSLXIC and no one is here to correct my text please cope…then had a difficult time ill health but still worked as an artist I founded CoolTan Arts and kept up my practice …now free from this I working again and taking my steps back into the art works though my walking psycho-geography walks which of coarse and as usual women practitioners are hidden from my most famous one was alone the river in June 2018 celebrating 100 years when only rich women got the vote aside working class men…I have been exhibiting in D.I.Y spaces ever since. ARTIST’S WEBSITEmichelle