opaf10_Yusuf Durodola

Yusuf Durodola (Lagos, Nigeria): AGBEGILERE
  • duration: 90 min
  • watch: 6th December 2018 at 10 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: “The carver does not know that the tree feels pain” Agbegilere, the carver, sculpts new forms from wood. In this piece, the relationship between the carver and wood is employed as a metaphor to interrogate current issues between the government and the government workers. Are the present leaders aware of the pains of the populace?

BIO: Yusuf Durodola is a Nigerian based visual artist whose practice covers different forms of art. His work discusses issues surrounding human existence and environment. He acquired his artistic training from both Fedyusuf durdolaeral College of Education and University of Lagos, Nigeria. His works have been presented in art festivals and seminars.