OPAF4_Gabrielle Desrosiers

Gabrielle Desrosiers (Montreal, Canada)
The Balcony – Trying to Live with Life. (duration 20min)
Watch: 14th May at 4pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: In Jerusalem, my Art School is on Mount Scopus. On the top of this hill I can see the Wall. Each day. From my balcony I don’t see it. I am close but far from it. The view is on the west, where I am from. I can see the sunset. Each night. I will present my performance from my balcony. It seems to be my place in this complicated territory. Its limits are clearly defined – it’s my home but it’s dangerous at same time. It’s where I can observe this quotidian and in opposition feel disconnect from it. There will be two chairs and I will not sit on any of them. In between. I just live here. I try to live with life.

BIO: Born in Quebec city in 1986, Gabrielle graduated from the Theatre School of Saint-Hyacinthe with a degree in Set and Costume Design (2007) and she is currently pursuing her studies in Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal (2014-2018) and at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. A multidisciplinary artist, her practice focuses on performance, installation and a perpetual process of collecting objects, remains and fragments. She is interested by the uniqueness of their language and their presence as artifacts, a chaotic heritage with an intangible existence. By intuition, codification and humour, she traces the precarity and the profound of human sentiments hidden under exuberance and accumulation. Through her work, Gabrielle is not looking for a finality but for bounces. Artist Website