LùeDo (Grottaglie, Italy): Omaggio a Ipazia 
  • duration: 10 min
  • watch: 13th July 2018 at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The story of Ipazia gives us a profound teaching as a martyr of freedom of thought his humbled the world male culture and the Bishop said: “both stoned to death”. A representation of a woman’s freedom and hindered by what still suffers and pursued in our time, treated as a subject, almost bought at the supermarket and abused for pleasure. As a female symbol Ipazia had a fate almost meets but the final act is in redemption of the woman, freed from his tormentor and not being more a victim because she is free from the violence suffered. His fate proscribes the death.

BIO:Arces Domenico born in Grottaglie (TA) in 1988. He participates and competes in various events and exhibitions of the Nativity scene. After graduating in pictorial decoration at the Art Institute of Grottaglie Vincenzo Calò, he continued his studies attending the course of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce. In addition to the study of still lifes, he specializes in the search for advertising and obsessive abuse of the Internet and social media through the use of experimental techniques with various materials including polystyrene. In 2013, with Macrì Lucia, she started a Performing course dedicated to the research of man and his relationship with technology and with the reality in which he lives. He works mainly in Italy. Macrì Lucia was born in 1988 in Gallipoli (LE). Currently residing in Alliste (Le). After graduating in painting and painting at the Liceo Artistico Vincenzo Ciardo (LE), in 2015 he completed his specialist course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, in the painting section, graduating with honors. From 2013 without neglecting painting, he prefers experimental language of performing art together with Arces Domenico. His works deal with the link between man and his limits, the contrast between nature and artifact, the fight-dance of primordial elements, the awareness of femicide, the symbolism of the unconscious, etc. Arteterapeuta in training. ARTIST WEBSITE luedo