Pedro Penteado Valente (São Paulo, Brazil): Circle in the sand

  • 28 Mar 2021 2pm UTC
  • dur 1min

“Círculo na areia” (Circle in the sand), is a point, a nucleus that stimulates and receives stimulus. It is an action and at the same time a gesture that protrudes beyond its surroundings. A limited path that uses its own capacity to limit, to expand, encompass and incorporate stimuli that orbit its moment. As a development of this work, I intend to continue to record situations that can set precedents for interpretations, and that welcome and stimulate sensitivity. It is my free way to draw a harmonious parallel between the development of the individual and his place of performance. I continue with this work for another year, even if it takes me to go in circles, I persist. For still, I will be on the move.

BIO: Pedro Penteado Valente Visual artist, born in São Paulo – SP – Brazil on 11/13/1988. Brazilian and Italian citizen (I currently reside in São Paulo, SP | Brazil) University education: Bachelor of Visual Arts at Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo. (2013) ARTIST’S WEBSITE