19 APR 4 PM UTC “Poetry reading” by Makoto Maruyama (Fukuoka, JP) dur 15min

“Poetry reading” by Makoto Maruyama

Reading my poetry.

Born in 1975. 1995, graduated from Nagano High School. When I was in high school, I made small magazines with my friends, wrote some poems and I made the handmade books of my poems (with illustrations by a friend). 2000, After graduated the French literary major of AichiUniversity, I studied contemporary art under Noboru Tubaki, Fumihiro Nonomura and Noi Sawaragi at IMI (Inter Medium Institute) in Osaka. Same year, I studied Butoh under Tenko Ima in Kyoto. 2003-2007, I had participated in NIPAF (Nippon International Performance Art Festival), I had visited to Taiwan, UK, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Chile, Argentine, Uruguay, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and China with NIPAF to make the performance works. After \”graduating\” from NIPAF in 2007, I stopped performing for a while and started writing poetry to return to my roots. My prose poetry is mainly imagery, influenced by the automatic writing of Surrealism, and chose to use symbolist and esoteric language. August 2008, Blue Sky Project 2008 (Open call for proposals, Takada, Niigata, Japan), and December, X-change 2008 (Residency program, Lombok Island, Indonesia). /June 2010, Performance Art Tour; International Performance Art Festival – Friction (Uppsala, Sweden, organized by SU-EN), Last Minute Performance (Krakow, Poland, organized Arti Graboski), ArtEvict (London, UK, organized Kirika Taira). /November 2011, TAMA\’11 (Batangas, Philippine). /April 2012, “FLOW” project (Seoul, Korea), June 2012-13, Staglinec 2012, 2013 (Štaglinec, Croatia). /April 2015, “Machinaka Performance Art Exhibition” (“Performance Art Project 2015 in Matsumoto”, Matsumoto-shi, Japan) Around April 2020, with the first wave of COVID-19, I started writing poetry again, and I\’m also sending out videos of readings on YouTube.