s m reyad (Chittagong, Bangladesh): (Scenes / Obscene)

  • watch: 28th June2020 at 7am UTC
  • duration: 20 min

Here comes the epoch of going into exile. Here comes the age of the alienation from our very essence and axiom. Here comes the compulsion of being an outsider. And here comes the dreadful nightmare of my soul abandoned my body behind that constrained cape of my very own existence only for being caged in the middle of nowhere. It has been a haunting impatience! Who am I without my very being! And who am I being uprooted from where my mind lives in? In the midst of this desperation, my performance would manifest, here comes my impassioned endeavor to reclaim my soul that once was compelled to become exodus. In the depth of soil, in the cuddle of the fountain, deep into nature, into the dark of the forest and were not my quest pursued that reclamation only to embrace the light of liberty, the sense of sacristy, the sensation of festivity and thereby declare the ultimate triumph of life and love. Nevertheless, my unrequited quest urged me for a manifestation of this the crude homicide of harmony. As my journey to this expedition goes on, it is being discovered that underneath this brutal reality of alienation, I have started felling the fluidity of my artistic ingenuity which has been blessed with rituals and traditions I belong to. And I have started to comprehend that a mere escaping away from callousness is unquestionably not going to be something that would compose my spirit of work. Rather it’s going to be the portrayal of a promising narrative through my very own style of expression. Being within this reality I want my expressions to reach somewhere beyond this restrained metropolis composition. If truth be told, I nurture my passionate desire to create a diverse narrative that would surpass the darkness of dogmatism only to proclaim the triumph of humanity over a mere skeptical notion.

BIO: S. M. Reyad is a Visual Artist and Cinematographer based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He was born (1990) in a village near the city of Chittagong and raised the neighboring environment. The environment and the people around him are the main issues of his work. Reyad completes his graduation and also post-graduation in Drawing and paintings at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong. After his BFA, Reyad started practicing Performance, Installation, and Video as well as Drawing, Painting, and Photography. He has worked with Documentary, short & independent film as a Cinematographer. Recently, he coordinates Chittagong OpenART Biennale (COAB) 2019, as a co-organizer. Reyad joined the National art exhibition Bangladesh, Crack International Art Camp, Sculpture network, Cheragi art show, Art Fest 2020, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival (kipaf) among others as a participating artist. ARTIST’S WEBSITE