Sara Marinelli/ Freefall Dance Company (Italy): NOunderstanding

  • watch: 30th March 2020 at 12am UTC
  • duration: 52 min

NOunderstanding is a metaphor and allegory of the world we live in, of the interconnections, strong and weak, of the communication of man, of speech and gesture, of frenzy and of forgetfulness, of in-communicability. We live in the age of global communication, of continuous connection for man it has never been so difficult to make himself understood. People do not listen with the intention of understanding but with that of responding. In empathic listening, the situation is reversed: the ears are used, but also the eyes and the heart … the language of the body. Being too focused on yourself, paying little attention to the other, grasping only what we want. That said we could look for the silence within us, that silence that allows us to perceive without distortion and to truly understand the heart with our eyes and ears.

BIO: Freefall Dance Company was born in Perugia in 2009 from the idea of setting up a group of young artists with the intent to make their way together in the field of performing arts. The project has been realized over the years by experimenting with new models of contemporary dance, through different languages such as theatre dance, l’improvisation and l’ urban dance. The artists who are part of it share their skills using them as melting elements, dedicated to developing the art of choreography and exploring the different expressions of the body coming directly to the public, with intimate creations for a few dancers, but also with performances in unconventional places and spaces. Dance the choreographies of Sara Marinelli and together with her interweave their own poetic research putting themselves into play for the creation of new shows. ARTIST’S WEBSITE