UGOIQ (Budapest, Hungary): I see your sky

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 12pm UTC
  • duration: 4.20min

This is the digital work by UGOIQ International contemporary dance collective. The dancers cannot meet because of the global pandemic, but through the video they are inviting us to their own homes. This meeting feels intimate and surprisingly cozy… They aren’t together, but they all have the same sky above them. It differs in the colors and states, although it is what remains common. 16 dancers from various places are dancing together without knowing one another. While dancing, they are keeping all the other ones in their minds. That’s what makes this project possible. “People who are far away from each other and have never actually met. This feeling is full of energy and sometimes very lonely.”

BIO: Born in Tokyo in 1993. After graduating from the Ballet Academy Nuremberg/Fuerth Germany, she went to Art Factory International Bologna, Italy. Currently she is a freelance dancer and a creator based in Hungary, leading the international dance collective UGOIQ. She is working as an assistant director of Tokyo Space Dance, dancer and creator of Horokodile and member of the apartment theater Szövegtest Társulat in Hungary. She is teaching Ballet and Contemporary dance at ZeroPlus Dance Program. Her solo piece “Augmented spaces” directed by Gyula Berger has been performed in 1000 Cranes in Estonia (2020), Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival in Japan (2019), Seoul International Choreography Festival in Korea (2019), M studio in Romania (2018), Mono Dance Festival in Hungary (2018) with the supports of Summa Artium Cultural Support Private Fund, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation / workspacebrussels / Ultima Vez (Life Long Burning Wild Cards program). She has been performed in a dance film HARU by Heléna Hrotkó (2017). Her first dance film SATO was featured by Dance Cinema (2019). Her latest solo dance piece with the drone called ABOVE directed by Nina Kov has performed at European Institute of innovation and technology (2020). ARTIST’S WEBSITE