Venera7 (Manizales, Colombia): Highest States of Consciousness – Live Set

  • watch: 1st April 2020 at 9pm UTC
  • duration: 13 min

Venera7 – Highest States of Consciousness

It suggest a journey about consciousness levels. Intangible elements of life, which are tangible in terms of perception. The ultimate sense of being and task we humans have been doing since existing: the search for God, ecstasy, luminous experience, the bottom of the -self-, ultimate consciousness.
The seeing power in which the thinking becomes secondary. Motion, Patterns, Vibrations. Laws of the Universe present everywhere. Geometry of nature.
Imaginary of sounds for the attaining of the State of Connection with Upper levels of existence.
Hyper-dimensional expansion of the Universe and other universe. Strings resonating in timelessness.
Livestream (with mixed audio captured by audio interface) with two cameras, powered by Obs software. Audio-visual production in the form of a Live Set, ready for a livestream. Original compositions played live from a set of electronic samples and instruments played and launched with a control surface and a MIDI controller, electric guitar, analog effects, ocarinas, analog  mixer and interfaces to capture the audio mix of the Performance, made with Ableton Live. Live visuals powered with MAX-MSP software, captured by two cameras. Livestream (with mixed audio captured by audio interface) with two cameras, powered by Obs software.

BIO: Venera7 started it’s first steps back in 2012 when Pablo started experimenting with digital tools, midi and music production software, parallel to his Music Studios at Caldas University. Later after, first composition emerged as Pablo started working with the excellent saxophonist James Sanchez. James and Pablo met in the University of Caldas, where both were studying for Bachelor of Music. Started working together in 2011 in a Reggae and fusion band called Ataole, with several concerts in the city. Band which later dissolved. Then, both started doing experimentation with guitar, saxo and synthesizers, in a course called Instrumental workshop. Later, they concentred on Pablo’s degree research project, in which worked on the initiation of what is it today. Recorded the first track “Visionary Experience”, a demo that put parameters for working and developing the idea of the project. During 2014, they took different roads. Pablo won a scholarship in EMU educacion musical, to start the career of Music Production. Spending 6 months within the culture and music of Argentina, in La Plata, Buenos Aires. 2018 was the year of re-joining and putting up new goals, like the recording of our First Ep which was composed in 2017, conformed by 5 tracks and called “Highest states of Consciousness”. James left to Ecuador, and Pablo continued Venera7 work on new compositions, focusing on a new sound and approach. 2019 was the year for “Finite”. A new conceptual work interested in describing Interstellar Travel, from the field of music and sound. “Buried Tapes” emerges as a complement for the “Finite” work. This work was the re-configuration of the very early work and experimentation in the first years. With the touch of the new sound and resources.