ViVine / Slow Tornado (Leipzig, Germany): SHOUT OUT YOUR LOVE

  • 7 Apr 2022 5 pm UTC
  • dur 6 min

OUR TURN is a newly minted female turning aka whirling group, currently a duo of Slow Tornado /Éva of Brixton, London, England, UK and ViVine / Vivi, from Leipzig, Germany. (We are both of East- European origins, Hungarian and Bulgarian respectively). The two of us met on-line, during lock-down, in our mostly female every day turning group on zoom, World Wide Whirling, aka “the lockdown lounge of the ladies’ lodge”. Our aim is to highlight female turning, collaboration and to have a theatrical edge, i.e: to convey some kind of meaning, feelings, impressions. To create something totally new. Our current piece is to the shortened version of the Ukrainian band, Dakha-Brakha’s BABY, entitled by us SHOUT OUT YOUR LOVE, still a work in progress, which has been streamed at Mojo Flow festival 2022. SHOUT OUT YOUR LOVE represents our artistic response to the war in the Ukraine. The performance is an unique poetic and symbolic action, related to the dervish dance and sufism, telling the story of a meeting between generations, between divine and human power. It is an unusual love story full of hope despite the associative social and political background.

ViVine (Viliya Monovska or just Vivi) is a whirling, fire, stilts and physical theatre performer, based in Leipzig, Germany. She used to be a theatre critic and radio journalist, since 2013 she has been performing in different theatre pieces and shows and sometimes working as a circus pedagogue. ViVine is a co-founder of StreetBikeTheatre and Show&Spektakel. Her performing art is influenced and inspired among other things by object manipulation, dance and physical theatre, Michael Chekhov acting technique and clowning. Whirling became for ViVine an artistic self-expression in 2020. Her first performances led to the working scholarship of Saxony cultural foundation for the whirling theatre project “WhirlDream”. One of its variations was part of the touring street theatre project “Panopticon – the cultural Piepschau” by her and clown Tomtom, funded by Fonds performing arts. In December 2021 she graduated the educational research programm by Kokyu studio at Grotowski Institut, Wroclaw. Éva aka Slow Tornado has trained in traditional trance dances for the last 12 years. An initiated Mevlevi dervish (2012), trained in tanoura (2010 & 2013), in contemporary whirling (with Ziya Azazi: 2013, 2019-21), and Egyptian zaar – long enough to gestate her own vision far removed from the male only religious milieux. Prior to concentrating on turning, was a part-time oriental dancer and teacher (1998-2012). Gained a Diploma in Contemporary Dance in 1990. Also trained in Afrikan, Afro-Caribbean, Jazz, Southern Slav folk dances. In 1988 she was a regular club (go-go) dancer in the legendary Fridge Club. Slow Tornado’s previous work in progress presented at Mojo Flow became part of a half an hour production accepted by the VAULT Festival… which was later cancelled due to Covid, but likely to be presented next years. ARTIST’S WEBSITE