†een▲ge g☺d (Paris, France): †een▲ge g☺d

  • watch: 28th June 2020 at 4pm UTC
  • duration: 40 min

△ The musical performance is an immersive experience that takes the shape of a series of rituals that the audience is invited to accomplish in order to become part of the pop cult: †een▲ge g☺d. △ In this satire of the obsessions of stars and gods, fans and cult offer distorted mirror images of one another. The adoration of Britney Spears and Shoko Asahara, the worship of One Direction and Heaven’s Gate, pop rituals and mystical ceremonies collide and merge to ultimately hold up a “death mirror” to consumer culture as in “Scorpio Rising”.

BIO: †een▲g☺d = Britney Spears’ suicide cult. Justin Bieber shot in the face by Genesis P-Orridge. Doomsday supermarket pop mixed with sarin gas. ARTIST’S WEBSITE