11 APR 2021 6pm UTC “EXITUM” by Omaro Productions in collaboration with AB Dance Company (Paris, FR) dur 4min

“EXITUM” by Omaro Productions in collaboration with AB Dance Company

Have you ever had the feeling, the moment you looked someone in the eye, that you were transported to another world? The kind of moment that could change everything.
Exitum takes you on a journey through freedom, connection and possibilities. Dive into the unknown and allow yourself to float away into the  imaginary.
If it were you, would you dare to seize the opportunity?

Directed by: Carolina Kzan

Choreography: Alberto Barletta

Dancers: Carla Bourges & Clara Belenus

Music: April Dawn Guthrie

Music was engineered and mixed at BioSoul Music

Images & editing: Carolina Kzan

Production: Irene van Zeeland (Omaro Productions)

Omaro Productions was founded in 2018 by Carolina Kzan (Brazil) and Irene van Zeeland (Netherlands). Joining their forces as filmmaker and choreographer they create interdisciplinary work featuring cinema and movement. The work is mostly experimental and addresses global, yet personal, issues in an intimate way.

From the impact of the current political situation in Brazil to a continuing research into the effect of interhuman relationships on our lives and the way our bodies move. The work is characterized by the constant research into the relationship of the body in motion to the movements of the camera.

AB Dance Company was founded bij Alberto Barletta (Italy) and creates contemporary work for both the stage and video. Originally from La Scala and M.A.S. (Music, Arts & Show) in Milan and the Ailey School (New York City) he worked for many different contemporary dance companies world wide.
His repertoire takes its inspiration from (neo)classical and contemporary sources such as Rudolf Nureyev, Georges Balanchine, William Forsythe, Angelin Preljocaj and Maurice Béjart. His signature is a virtuosic and musical movement vocabulary with high aesthetic standards.

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