11 JAN 2021 4pm UTC “Nosotros en el cuerpo” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 15min

“Nosotros en el cuerpo” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas

Who is visiting us?
Retrieving a feeling of home within this creation. The kitchen a place where we cook up something.; We try a new dish combination of sound and alien vibe. Lucas Sofía sound, Nadja Haas moves, are shaping the ordinary space with the absurd.

We have absorbed differences landscapes, cultural clues and atmospheric flux. This has given us the impulse to create a new system of feeling engaging the moment —-the field and /to transform it We have mirrored and been mirrored 1000 times 1000 years here I am here you are here we are This power is humbly expressed through sound, dance, movement, voice You become the spectator of your emotional atmospheric body with us in trance to change towards your desires in a conscious way.

Lucas and Nadja Sound landscaping and movement; They take advantage of the creative process together and found a spontaneous place for an artistic life; Their energies give rise to a kind of humorous narrative. Sometimes the dynamic is very energetic in contrast to detailed and slow states. They both enjoy dreaming and create a refuge from the mundane world. Their pieces touch the absurd and play with a kind of “sur-real hyperreality” where you can see the sweat and hear the clock ticking.

Lucas —-sound


Nadja —-movement