17 MAR 2021 9pm UTC “Please envelope me to our kind of space” by Charley Void (Copenhagen, DK) dur 60min

“Please envelope me to our kind of space” by Charley Void

In-, out-, over-, un- and infolding bodies, the human included – naturally – curious in their hostability, flexibility and mobility. Peeling to the emergence of sites and spaces, a test in a series of attempts to extrovert conceptions. This obsession mills around the idea that moments in bundles perform density and cavities. Momentarily.

The interim quality of performance and bodily animated installations has fed and still feeds, on the immediate generosity of any given site, host, collaboration and audience. Impressions from diverse residential projects (in SA/ICW Vansa, SP/ICW Acción Cultural, FR, EST/ICW ORCA and IT) and a practice paying homage to the multitude of ways to research, the work(s) are attempts to test a mutual exchange with in- or tangible materials and their autonomous motions, their reuse, growth and decay. BA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, enrolled in the MFA programme. In Copenhagen DK, recent and currently engaged with publications and the given from this site, to facilitate ways for works to travel themselves.