16 APR 2021 7pm UTC “Food and the Visceral Body” by Pleasure Pusher (Kansas City, USA) dur 45min

“Food and the Visceral Body” by Pleasure Pusher

Food, paint, consumption, and the visceral body; a pornographic enactment which reimagines Renaissance still-lifes from and through a queer trans body. During this action, the artist invites you into the comfort and privacy of their home as they revel in the pleasures of food, sex, art.

Trish Nixon earned a MFA from the University of Kansas in 2016. They also hold a BFA in Photography from Memphis College of Art (2003). They performed their action, “Food and the Visceral Body” for Flesh Crisis at Arts Dojo (Kansas City) and at Last Frontier (Brooklyn). They presented “Body/Pleasure/Power: Locating Queerness Through Transgressive Self-Expression,” an interrogation of their creative practice, at the Transgender Spectrum Conference at Washington State University (St. Louis). “Pleasure Pusher XXX,” their first solo exhibition, debuted at Plenum Space (Kansas City). Nixon performed with Wildtorus at the Diverse Universe International Performance Festival (Norman, OK) in 2018. Their photo essay, “Queerstory on Art and Sex: what’s love got to do with it?” was recently published in Invisible Culture, an online art journal.