13 APR 2021 1pm UTC “Mother mask” by Paniz acting (Tehran, IR) dur 30min

“Mother mask” by Paniz acting

Contemporary generations strive for the color of honesty where the mask is priced And make friends and draw pictures of love on the mother\’s mask … The mother\’s mask is exactly the mask that is bigger than all the masks and plays the role of the mother.

Mother mask
Cast /
Idea and Director:
Mohammadreza gharibzadeh
Roxana khalvati
executor of plan:
Paniz International Academy of Acting
Melika Afsari Rad (17 years old)
Lillian Ansari (8 years)
Mobina Kalati (7 years)
Benyamin ghahreman
International expert photographer:
Farbod kamalkhani
Production team:
Zohreh Moazami Goodarzi, Amirreza Jalali, Mohaddeseh Aziz Haghighi

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