13 JUNE 2021 6pm UTC “Figure-ring New Voices” by Vestland Danseteater (Bergen, NO) dur 50min

“Figure-ring New Voices” by Vestland Danseteater

In Figure-ring / New Voices, Bergen-based artists, each with their own unique immigrant background. They merge different dance genres, ethno music, poetry, spirituality and storytelling into this captivating dance performance based on Ubuntu – an African humanity and philosophy of life with rich ancient historical roots. Ubuntu is based on ethical and humanistic values, emphasizing community, oneness, humanity, empathy and relationships with each other. \”Without you I am nothing\”. The performance is developed as a constructive critique of society. It invokes dialogue based on thoughts and experiences of immigrants, their personal identities and aspirations in a new home. A home where personal qualities and dreams are the same as they always have been, but where the framework has completely changed. Many immigrants strongly feel inadequate no matter how hard they work to integrate into the environment and society they now call home. They feel \”disabled\” despite the fact that they are in fact \”fully functional\”. The performance will be intimate and inclusive – an invitation to an expanded insight into African / Norwegian culture and an aesthetic expression of what it means to define oneself as a Bergen resident with an immigrant background. It celebrates culture and diversity and will meet the audience across background and social status.

Vestland Dance Theater (VDT) is the first dance company in Vestland for professional artists with a multicultural background. The goal is to become an artistic epicenter for professional artists who belong to minority groups in Norway. The company works for diversity and equal opportunities in the field of culture, as well as in society in general. Founder Simbarashe Fulukia (Simba) is a pioneer in multicultural work in the performing arts in western Norway. He has a background, among other things. from KHIO and who danced for Carte Blanche,The Norwegian National Contemporary Dance Company.