16 JAN 2021 7pm UTC “Welcome to the Lockdown- 0 – 1 Binary Performance” by Nonceptualism and Northwoods (Northwoods, UK) dur 11min

“Welcome to the Lockdown- 0 – 1 Binary Performance” by Nonceptualism and Northwoods

Binary code performance created collaboratively during lockdown, and seeking to express a planned, postponed live performance by digital/binary means by UK conceptual artist Jeremy Gluck @nonceptualism and live coder Northwoods (Charlie Kramer). Translations of texts concerning healing as art and digital emptiness into binary rendered into audiovisual output. Aporetic, tensive work addressing issues of machine-mediated communication.

A generative art video for meditation, yoga and healing. Conversion of unique mystical text into binary code and then, through collaboration with American live coder Charlie Kramer, audio-visual output that is naturally meditative and hypnotic, a metronomic, healing digital skin creating a safe space for the soul.

Jeremy Gluck MArts is an ex-patriate Canadian, UK-based artist, who mainly works with contemporary strategies. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives, Gluck creates work in which a fascination with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual and minimal art often collides with ambiguity and concealment. NorthWoods (Charlie Kramer) is an experimental live coding project, producing soothing and harsh soundscapes from digital oscillators, found sound, random numbers, numbers stations, musical and unmusical samples, and the speeches of Richard Nixon. Charlie is a member of Homestead recording artists Happy Flowers and has been performing as a musician since the 1970s, including shows at CBGBs and SXSW, and in the UK (including recording at the BBC), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, and Belgium. www.northwoodselectro.com