16 MAR 2021 10pm UTC “PAPISA” by Chai Rodrigues (Sau Paulo, BR) dur 30min

“PAPISA” by Chai Rodrigues

One-year video performance – from March 16, 2019 to March 15, 2020 – where the performer irrigates a cactus corresponding to each month of the year every day. The amount of water is dosed according to the emotional flow of the performer during that specific day. Who and how many survive at the end of that journey? What is the quality of life shown over a year, repeating the same action?

History: 2020 | Video performance was awarded by the Funarte Respirarte Award.


Artist working in the visual and performing arts. I worked in several performance art and urban intervention groups, performing actions in cities such as Performance Entre Saltos, where I still sign the direction of the documentary Entre Saltos, from 2014 and Performance Cegos, which circulated in more than twenty cities in Brazil through the Rotating Stage circuit also in 2014. In 2019 I open my first solo exhibition PALIMPSESTO on the inscriptions of graffiti and artistic interventions in the region of Elevado João Goulart, Minhocão. The exhibition takes place in the cultural space A Next Companhia, in the city center of São Paulo. The exhibition gained an online version for the Linha da Cultura program, of the São Paulo Metro, in 2020. In the same year, I participated in the exhibition Sentimento, by Ases fifty more Galeria de Arte, in Curitiba, Parará. The participant work “Entrego meu Coração”, is part of the Trincheira series, from 2018. I was reproduced for the exhibition “O Trabalho e os Trabalhadores”, with the photograph “In the backstage of MASP”. The exhibition promoted by Coletivo Olhar Plural will be held in São Paulo. The video performance Papisa was provided by the Funarte Respirarte Award for exhibition in 2021. My main areas of knowledge are: Production of Cultural Goods; Analysis of cultural and artistic projects; Performing arts – theater and circus; Performance Art; Audio-visual; Urban art; Street art; Urban Intervention and Photography