20th August 2020, time TBD, “Asam Panas” by Theo Nugraha (Samarinda, BO) duration 20min

In this performance, Theo produced sound through activities in our daily life: making dishes and eat, including pounding, scooping, chewing, swallowing, and drinking.

Theo Nugraha (b. Samarinda, April, 1992) is a sound artist from Samarinda. He has been part of the Indonesian experimental sound scene since 2013. His discography is almost 200 releases. He has a co- founder of EXTENDED ASIA and as the Co-Artistic Director for MUARASUARA. Theo is currently studying experimental visual in Milisifilem Collective, performance art at 69 Performance Club and also is the editor for VJ<Play column at Visual Jalanan (www.play.visualjalanan.org).