22nd August2020 at 3pm UTC “Natural debt” by Igor Tereshkov (Moskow, RU) duration 7min

Performance dedicated to Earth Overshoot Day which launch in 2020 to 22 august. As a result of global pandemic we have been reduce the carbon emission and overs our impact to planet and move the date from last year 29th July to 22 August. But we still need an 1.6 planet to satisfy our needs. 22 August the date when all ecological resources from 2020 year are used and we starting to take resources from next year. Through my performance I will start to give back our Natural Debt to planet, returning plant leaves with imprinted bills on them, symbolizing expenses, debt and our institution of money and economy as an archaism and a subsystem below the concept of nature, ecology and the planet future

Igor Tereshkov is Moscow based artist and photographer (b.1989, Energodar, USSR Ukraine). Study documentary photography and photojournalism, at School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc in Saint-Petersburg, in 2019 graduates course «Experiences of Contemporary Photography». Working in mixed media including documentary photography, experimenting with different photo process and mediums. Researching themes of environment, ecology and anthropocene. ARTISTS WEBSITE