24 APR 2021 3pm UTC “Break the silence with your smile …”by Hilaj academi (Tehran, IR) dur 20min

“Break the silence with your smile …”by Hilaj academi

Break the silence with your smile … The world today needs a smile. If we are to give up our machine life and want to understand the concept of peace more accurately, we must first begin. This beginning can be with a smile … the smiles continue and reach a letter and at the end of a word. The world is a reflection of our behavior.


Designer and guide:
Mohammadreza gharibzadeh

Benyamin ghahreman

Sanaz Hemmati
Amir Karamloo
Hoora soleymani
Alireza Fallahkar
Setayesh Givi
Avin Khakpoornia
Niloofar Bazli
Elina Asadian
Parmida shayan
Masoumeh Teymouri
Kian Sarai
Sam saba

executor of plan:
Hilag International Academy of Acting

production manager:
Ahmad Najafi

We are International art group…