19 SEPTEMBER 2021 10am UTC “The Nature” (2nd part) by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 30min

“The Nature” (2nd part) by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA)

It is an online performance that shows the nature, what it is. It is about its power.
It is the biggest power.
Human is nature.
Nature cannot be stopped. It can not seem different then how it is.

Sandra Božić is an artist and architect born in Belgrade, Serbia(ex Yugoslavia). She lives in New York City, USA. Her professional work is based on performance art and architectural projects that are inspired by everyday life. She is the author and founder of social media platforms: Online Performance Art(www.onlineperformanceart.com) and Online Museum – Onlineum (www.onlineum.com). She realized over 60 live performances.